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Sports History Project Set For Fall 2015 Release
From The Fields: A History Of High School Football In Turlock, California is a full examination of nearly a century of prep football played in Turlock, California.

A native of Turlock, and a former Sports Editor of the Turlock Journal, Richard Paolinelli has spent over a year gathering photos and information for this non-fiction project. He has also been interviewing former coaches and players in his quest to preserve and present this portion of his home town's history.

Click here for updates on the project or, if you have any photos or information you would like to share, please click here to e-mail Richard.


"This is a wonderful science fiction story. The ending was a total surprise. I knew who Elizabeth was from the start but Andras was a shock. It is a story that I hated to stop for to get some sleep at night and I got up early to keep reading. It is worth reading."

- Jocko Lee, author of Tar Kyler: Time Traveling Mercenary, Buffalo Island and Glass Wind Chimes
Dr. Steven Collins has devoted his life to one cause: finding a way to prevent a catastrophic collision between Earth and an asteroid. 

But when Collins turns on his Earth-saving creation, he rips open a hole in time and space itself that hurls him forward in time, where he discovers to his horror that the device he created has caused the very global Armageddon he was trying to prevent. 

Collins now must try to undo the damage he has done, but the few surviving members of the human race are slowly dying off and just beyond the shield lurks a madman who seeks to dominate the human race or exterminate it.